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Top Educational Gifts For Christmas 2015 top frog santa had

weight:12.6 ounces pounds
Durability: 6
Frog Rating: 8

HEXBUG Nano V2 Gravity Loop Set

weight:5.6 ounces pounds
Durability: 8
Frog Rating: 8

Super adorable creature knapsack school sack for young men and young ladies, with dazzling minimal extravagant doll outline, can be brought down from the bag;Fashionable, light-weight, delicate and bright, an impeccable present for your kids;Have enough apace for kids' things, as toys, nourishments, natural products, little books, pens, and so forth. With flexible straps to fit your children's need, suitable for some events, similar to an excursion to the zoo, playing at the recreation center, voyaging and other open air exercises

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weight:1.9 pounds
Durability: 7
Frog Rating: 8

Presenting an all new type of gravity challenging HEXBUG Nanos. These Nano V2 bugs can now move up vertically, on a level plane, around corners, through circles and tubes, to the tip top of any Nano V2 territory set. The HEXBUG Nano V2 Hurricane set components a developed Nano, brandishing another look, with three elastic spines on its back, and also another arrangement of tubular tracks that highlight the Nano V2's exceptional multi-level climbing capacities. The HEXBUG Nano V2 is a little, miniaturized scale mechanical animal that uses the material science of vibration to rush up through different levels of tubes, as high as the V2 set will take it, to investigate its surroundings. The speedy minimal critter has an uncanny feeling of equalization, fit for creeping through tubes on its feet or on its back and can pass another bug in a solitary tube to keep away from a congested driving conditions. The Nano V2 will even flip to its feet when arriving on its back on an open level surface.

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